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This is the solution for newlyweds who want to rely entirely on a professional so that their wedding is a unique and unforgettable event. We will design the entire wedding and will look for the best solutions, following the tastes and personality of the spouses, guaranteeing our advice and support during the entire preparation period and our presence on the wedding day to coordinate and supervise the event.


This service is for those spouses who have already defined some aspects of their wedding but who need help to complete the organization. This service also includes our presence on the wedding day to coordinate all suppliers, better manage the timing of the event, and make the spouses feel worry-free.

Wedding day coordinator

Perfect for newlyweds who want to organize their wedding alone but want to be worry-free on their wedding day, without delegating to friends or relatives the responsibility of following the suppliers. We will do our best, preparing a precise timeline, taking care of the direction of the event and ensuring professional assistance so that everything is as desired.


We will outline a real creative project, in line with the wishes, the tastes of the bride and groom and respecting their budget. All of this following a common theme that will make everything aesthetically harmonious and coordinated.
We will display the project with a detailed mood board, with sketches and inspirational photos, which will allow future spouses to “visualize” the wedding and preview everything that can be achieved, from the stationery to sets, from the mise-en scene to floral arrangements, from the atmosphere to the details that will characterize the event.



Organizing a wedding is not simple at all and often the newlyweds do endless research on the internet, are not sure that they have found the perfect suppliers for them, lose track of the budget and are assailed by a thousand doubts. We can answer all your questions with advice, even online, that thanks to professional support will solve problems and anxieties.
• Customized advice: according to the spouses’ requests and needs.
• The steps to take: a professional comparison to define the steps and actions to be taken in order to organize the best wedding right from the start
• The wedding’s budget: support in planning and managing the budget of the event, in order to keep all expenses under control.
• Your wedding’s final revision made by our expertise: for the newlyweds who have organized the wedding themselves and need a professional review of the project and the time line of the event, and to be sure you have not forgotten anything.


For any information or request you can contact us at the addresses below:
Anna Rita Marconi
Roberta Carella
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